Energy Storage System

GPower 100

(48V 100Ah)
  • GPower100


GPower100 Modules

48V-100Ah High energy and high power Lithium Iron Phosphate battery module

GPower100Ah module is suitable for all types of telecom sites and any environments. The module provides high-performance stored energy wherever they need it – in hot and cold temperatures, indoors or out, remote or urban, on-grid or off-grid among  different  industries



GPower100 module is suitable for reliable power back up, to replace conventional batteries, integrated with new telecom site and purpose of extend life cycle.


  • Excellent cycling capacity
  • Charge and discharge at C rate
  • Display LCD
  • Low maintenance fee
  • Communication through RS232/RS485/Can
  • High power high energy 
  • Density
  • Faster charging time




  • Emergency Back-up
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Energy  Storage  System
  • Auxiliary  Systems
  • Base  Transceiver  Stations
  • Base  Station  Controllers
  • Mobile  Switch  Centers
  • Small cells for LTE
  • Wifi  Base  Tower
  • For PV  system  installed homes  and  buildings
  • Community microgrid
  • Hospital, bank, airport power  station



  • Voltage:DC48V
  • Capacity:100AH
  • Capacity (Module):50AH 
  • Battery Combination:16S2P
  • Charge Cut-off Voltage:  DC 54V(SMR/54V)
  • Discharge Cut-off Voltage:DC44.8V(TBD)
  • Charge Current (MAX):160A
  • Discharge Current (MAX):  160A
  • Discharge Cable: 4AWG
  • Charge Connector:Anderson 175A
  • Communication Interface:RS485/RS232/CAN BUS
  • Power Distribution Cabinet Size: 4U(Master)+4U (Slave)
  • Total weight :78KG
  • -charge:0℃~45℃
  • -discharge: -20℃~60℃


Actual case

  • Guishan  Island  Project 

BMS feature

Battery voltage、current parameter ability

During the system operation can effectively evaluate the characteristics of each battery changes 

Through 4G and remote monitoring data exchange,upload battery voltage、SOC、temperature、error message and other daacceptable remote data  monitoring of control instructions

Charging、discharging relay,have no fire no combustion function

   BMS System Block      


Application Layer

     Wifi Base Tower

Telecommunication s stored energy system


Housing energy stored energy system


Commercial energy storage system

Uninterrupted power system


   Emergency rescue


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