Environmentally Friendly

The global threat of climate change, the awakening of energy conservation and carbon reduction, the lead-acid battery leads to heavy criticism due to environmental contamination and lack of efficiency. Therefore, Power Active is motivated to green energy for environmental protection. The Lithium Iron Phosphorous Oxide (LFPO) cell is utilized in safety and heat tolerance with
more environmental concern. Large scale Energy Storage Systems (ESS) holds massive reserves of energy which requires proper design and system management. Small systems entrusted within our homes require safety and reliability above all else. Power active has used its significant expertise to meet the demanding needs of a new generation of ESS applications.

Power Active is aimed to reduce the impact of environment pollution by provide clean and green energy as well as improving levels of health and safety at work. Power Active LFPO battery utilizes environmentally acceptable materials as non-iron-based lithium-ion battery in safety and heat tolerance.