Long Cycle Life

Active product line supports superior product life cycle compared to lead acid and lithium mixed oxide batteries. In fact, the cycle life of a battery is the number of cycles of charge and discharge a battery can undergo while still retaining 80 % of its initial capacity. The 80% limit is a legacy value left over from lead acid battery testing because once a lead acid battery has reached 80% of original capacity, it may exhibit sudden death as the capacity can decrease rapidly thereafter. This is the characteristics of lead acid battery. Power Active batteries have an advanced technology which supports battery without sudden drop in capacity.  In fact, Power Active batteries can keep supplying energy with deeply charge and discharge with more than 2000 times life cycle. As a result of our stable, high-quality producing process, the Power Active product line has superior cycle life compared to both lead acid and lithium mixed oxide batteries as illustrated in the graphic below:

The common market product used for lead acid and lithium mixed oxide batteries are about between 300 and 500 discharge/charge cycles. A battery may fail before that time due to heavy use or unfavorable temperature conditions. On the other hand, Power Active LFPO battery lasts thousands of cycles as 
table shown. This is why it’s an ideal solution for industrial deep-cycle batteries.