Large power storage system

Indoor energy storage power station & outdoor energy storage container

Application field:
Solar energy
Wind power
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  • pa-2

Lithium ion power battery system


Lithium-ion power battery module

650V/1800Ah is a high energy and high power lithium ion power battery module

1Mwh lithium ion power battery system (hereinafter referred to as "lithium ion power battery system") is the main power supply and auxiliary power supply for container system, providing customers with 1Mwh container energy storage solution.



Lithium-ion power battery system is mainly composed of battery body, management system (including connectors and cables, etc.), shelves and accessories.



  • Modular architecture
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Excellent battery cycle life
  • Lightning protection design
  • Container load bearing design
  • Thermal management design system
  • Battery master-slave management system
  • Remote monitoring management system
  • Environmental monitoring management system
  • Fire safety system




  • emergency rescue
  • Uninterrupted power system
  • Energy storage system
  • auxiliary system
  • Base  Transceiver  Stations
  • Base  Station  Controllers
  • Mobile  Switch  Centers
  • Small cells for LTE
  • Wifi  Base  Tower
  • For PV  system  installed homes  and  buildings
  • Community microgrid
  • Hospital, bank, airport power  station


  • System rated output power:≧ 255kW
  • System average output voltage:≧ 633V
  • System rated capacity: ≧1800Ah
  • Total energy storage system:≧ 1.14MWh
  • System communication: CAN bus, RS485 (fiber) \ the PROFIBUS bus
  • System insulation resistance: ≧6MΩ (when converted to 25°C)
  • System size (height x width x depth): ≦1500mm*8000mm*8000mm (tentative)
  • System weight: ≦14T (without battery shelf)
  • Battery life: ≧ 5 years
  • Single DCDC power: 50KW


Actual case





Lithium-ion battery system features

A plurality of air-cooling devices are arranged in the battery compartment, so that the cooling air is blown along the maintenance channel through the main cooling surface of each battery module to ensure system temperature uniformity

nstall relays and fuses. When the battery system is turned off, the battery pack can be disassembled, so that the entire battery pack has no high-voltage output, which increases the safety of the battery system.


The battery modules are installed in series in the battery cabinet, and the battery cabinet is connected to the grid through a bidirectional DC module, which can perform bidirectional control of discharge and charging. The BMS provides real-time monitoring of battery status and secure management and protection of the battery system.      


upport multiple relay output|、Dry contact output、Isolated multi-channel CAN BUS output

Battery cabinet wiring in each cluster

Main cable wiring

Energy storage power station

The energy storage power station consists of three parts :

  • Energy Management System (EMS)
  • Two-way energy storage converter (PCS)
  • Energy storage battery unit (battery and BMS)


Energy storage power station classification:

  • Containerized energy storage power station
  • Indoor energy storage power station


The main role of energy storage projects:

  • Intermittent power generation photovoltaic power station
  • Wind field
  • Outdoor temporary large load center, large non-stop factory or key enterprise plant


Container energy storage system

The Container Energy Storage System (CESS) is an integrated energy storage system developed for the needs of the mobile energy storage market. It can integrate energy storage converters and energy management systems according to customer requirements. The container energy storage system has simplified infrastructure construction costs. It is suitable for power stations such as firepower, wind energy, solar energy, or islands, communities, schools, scientific research institutions, factories, large load centers and other applications.

Application Layer

Wifi Base Tower

Telecommunications energy storage system


Housing energy stored energy system


Commercial energy storage system

Uninterrupted power system


Emergency rescue