Energy Storage System

GPower 2400 (24V 100Ah)

  • GPower500


GPower 2400 (24V 100Ah) Modules

24V 100Ah High energy and high power Lithium Iron Phosphate battery module

GPower 2400 (24V 100Ah) is capable of drawing energy from solar panel thus provide uninterrupted power (UPS mode). Besides providing uninterrupted power, it also has user adjustable energy saving mode. The main purposes of energy reduction and building an independent sub power station are realized. We can say that HES2400WHDC24LA series is a multi-functional and designed to be environmentally friendly.



With pure sine wave output, HES2400WHDC24LA can provide 1500W continuously, 1750W for 3 minutes, or 20~40A of peak current for all kinds of load such as inductive, capacitive,  or resistive. General applications include PC, ITE, vehicles, yachts, home appliances, motors, power tools, industrial control equipments, AV system, and etc...


  • Selectable UPS or Energy saving mode
  • True sine wave output (THD<3%)
  • Solar charging current 30A max
  •  Fast transfer time < 10ms
  • 1500W rated output
  • High efficiency up to 90% 
  • Complete LED indication for operating status
  • Battery low alarm and indicator
  • Surge power capability up to 3000W
  • Output voltage / frequency selectable
  • Fully digital controlled
  • Compliance to UL458 / FCC / E13 / CE 
  • Can be used for most of electronic products with AC input 
  • 2 year global warranty



  • Emergency Back-up
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Energy  Storage  System
  • Auxiliary  Systems


  • Storage System Emergy:2.4KW(12V/350W-2S1P)
  • INPUT  (AC):AC VOLTAG:200/220/230/240VAC FREQUENCY:50HZ 
  • INPUT (BATTERY):RATED POWER(Typ.):24VDC CURRENT (Typ.):75A  NO LOAD DISSIPATION (Typ.):≦18W @ standby saving mode EFFICIENCY (Typ.):90%
  • OUTPUT  (AC): RATED POWER (Typ.):1500WMAXIMUM OUTPUT POWER (Typ.):1725W for 180 sec. / 1875W for 10 sec. / surge power 3000W for 30 cycles AC VOLTAGE:200/220/230/240VAC selectable by setting button S.W FREQUENCY:50±0.1Hz 50/60Hz selectable by setting button S.W WAVEFORM:True sine wave (THD<3%) TRANSFER TIME (Typ.):10ms inverter by pass
  • BATTERY SPEC:BATTERY VOLTAGE:12V CAPACITY(Typ.):350W@15min-rate to 1.67V per cell @25℃ DISCHARGE CURRENT(max.):800A(5sec)CHARGE CURRENT(max.):33A Internal Resistance:Approx. 3.5mR
  • OTHERS:DIMENSION:W 560mm x D 550mm x H 750mm (13U) WEIGHT:About 105KG

Actual case






System Block Diagram

HES2400WHDC24LA Hybrid Energy Storage System

Front Panel

HES2400WHDC24LA Hybrid Energy Storage System


POWER on/off switch: The inverter will turn OFF if the switch is in the OFF position.


 AC output outlet:  To satisfy application demand of different geographic areas all over the world, there are many optional AC outlets to choose from.



No Fuse Breaker; Reset: Under "Bypass Mode", when the AC output isshorted or theload current exceeds the rated current of the No Fuse Breaker, the No Fuse Breaker will open and that stops bypassing energy from the utility getting to prevent possible danger.When the abnormal operating condition is removed, user can press down on the Reset button to resume operation.



Ventilation holes: The inverter requires suitable ventilation to work properly. Please  make sure there is good ventilation and the lifespan of the inverter can preserved.


Function Setting: Operating Mode, Output voltage, frequency, and saving mode can be set through this button.



LED Indicating Panel: Operating status, load condition, and all types of warnings will be displayed on this panel.



Communication Port: For remote monitoring purpose, the unit can be connected to a PC through this communication port by using the optional cable and monitoring software.





Rear Panel


      Battery input (+), (-).



Utility / AC inlet (IEC320).



Solar panel input terminal.


Frame ground (FG).

Safety Guidelines

Batteries will have aging problem after years of operation. It issuggested to execute regular maintenance for the batteriesevery  year.  Once  aged,  the  batteries  should  be  changed  byprofessional technician, or the failed batteries may causeexplosion or fire hazard.

Don't disassemble


Away from moisture


Away from fire or high temperature


Don't stack on  the inverter


Keep good  ventilation








Application Layer

Emergency rescue

Energy storage system

uninterruptible power system