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GBattery 50Ah 12V Series




LFPO Power GBattery 50Ah 12V


Power Active provides OEM design for various transportation battery solutions and can tailor made solutions to meet customer needs.The LFPO Power is a key to sustainable innovation in vehicles. Today, Power Active solutions address




The LFPO Power is in modules design to fulfill vehicle battery systems as deliver high power, fast charging and high energy density


  • LFPO battery technology ensures optimal performance and reliability
  • Fast charging, greener energy density, lighter weight, longer life duration and limited maintenance improve overall operating performance
  • Improve daily operation and lower total cost of ownership
  • Quick and high/ deep recharge capabilities
  • Modular architecture allows vehicle development and integration
  • Environmental friendly with water based production,non-toxicity and environment protection
  • Robust construction withstanding industrial vehicle standards (IP rating, shock and vibrations, EMC)
  • Built-in battery monitoring and information (State Of Charge, State Of Health)




  • Car starter power
  • Power Systems
  • electrical equipment
  • Electric car
  • Renewable energy storage battery



  • Voltage:12V
  • Operation Range:10V~14.6V
  • Nominal Capacity: 50AH@0.2C 
  • Minimum  Capacity:47.7AH@0.2C
  • Max Charge Cut-off Voltage:14.6A
  • Contine Charge Current:25A
  • Max Charging Current:50A
  • Charge Temp:0~50℃  
  • Charge Humidity :  0~85%R.H  
  • Nominal Discharge Current:50V
  • Max Continue Discharge Current : 100A
  • Max Surge Current:350A
  • Discharge Temp:0~50℃  
  • Discharge Humidity:0~85%R.H
  • Dimension:277mm*176mm*194mm
  • Weight 7.8±0.3kg



  • Do not put into the fire or high temperature place. Do not store the battery at high  Ztemperatures
  • Do not reverse the positive and negative connector when installing
  • Do not short circuit the positive and negative connector
  • Do not use acupuncture or hard objects to impact and damage the battery
  • Do not disassemble the battery. Do not change thebattery structure
  • Do not put the battery into water or other solvents preventing the battery to be damp


Lithium oxide iron phosphorus battery features

The sintering process does not require an airtight furnace or inert gas, and can be manufactured in large quantities at low temperatures.

High discharge power, fast charging and long cycle life for high stability in high temperature and heat environments


Parallel use with power generation systems is also the focus of future use of lithium-iron and phosphorus batteries, as well as integration with renewable energy systems

Raw materials using iron oxide, easy to obtain materials and low cost


Application Layer

Car starter power

Electric car


Renewable energy storage battery